Grandma Lena and Grandpa Igor Downing their Third

Russians are a naturally funny lot. They pride themselves on their humor, and are quick to crack a joke or tell a funny anecdote. Their sketch comedy is also quite classic, taking on role after role. One of Russia’s national past times is their incredibly popular University competition, KVN.

While sketch comedy is great, and a good joke is sometimes better, we at Funny Russians are also interested in the non-intentional comedy routine. Seeing Grandma Lena drink Grandpa Igor under the table, then spit on him as he’s holding on trying to keep from falling off the earth. Or possibly a nice dash-cam experience. Every so often we will include a classic or two, but we are trying to find the best comedy coming out of Russia in all its forms.

With the Russians natural talent for comedy, and their tendency to accidentally find comedy around every turn, Funny Russians will be sure to keep you entertained for hours each day. We post the latest videos and images from across the Russian blogosphere, not to mention some of our own concoctions.

We are here to bring you the most entertaining parts of Russia in a series of sites. Other than The Crazy Russians, you should also check out Russian Traveling and The Crazy Russians.

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