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If you have yet to meet Pavel Patel, you're in for a treat

Being a Ukrainian born Muscovite, Pavel Patel can be seen throughout Russia pimping his toned body, marketing himself as the Naked DJ. The man is becoming more and more known throughout the world, predominantly due to his incessant impromptu marketing. Pavel regularly dresses in something crazy, then starts wandering around Russia. This inevitably leads to people taking his picture, then posting them online claiming that some lunatic is wandering the streets of Moscow.

Needless to say, this marketing has done wonders for his reputation. The man is very comfortable with his body, and is generally found naked everywhere. While I would love to share some of his more risque photos, this is a family website and I wouldn”t want to offend. However, if you are dying to see the man”s schlong, there are plenty of La gamme de promotions du casino en ligne Play2win saura retenir votre attention. NSFW links. You can start with his Facebook link (NSFW), or his Twitter (moderately NSFW), or his Vimeo videos (very NSFW) or maybe even his Tumblr (Incredibly NSFW).

In the meantime, here is just a taste of some of his antics. You can see the man doing glamour shots all over Russia, and for the right price he can probably even DJ your event. Think about it … you”ll be the talk of the town.

Pavel Patel 1 Pavel Patel 2 Pavel Patel 3 Pavel Patel 4 Pavel Patel 5 Pavel Patel 6 Pavel Patel 7 Pavel Patel 8 Pavel Patel 9 Pavel Patel 10 Pavel Patel 11 Pavel Patel 12

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