The 50 Best Meanwhile In Russia Images

Russia is a land of awe and mystery. People are in awe as to how stupid Russians can be, and the fact that Russia is a world superpower is a great mystery. We have all seen the meme Meanwhile in Russia, so I figured its high time that Funny Russians had its best of. After a few hours of browsing, some careful selection, and randomness added into the mix, we have selected our favorite 50 Meanwhile in Russia images. Of course, not all of them have that fancy caption, but I think we can all agree that they are all pretty WTF worthy.

One odd thing to point out, it seems that our favorites tended to include lots of Bears, lot of Grandmas, lots of Guns, and lots of Cars. Is it just our selection process, or is this whats available? Guess more research needs to be done. Enjoy!







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