Why would women post that to a social network?

I often wonder what some people are thinking when they post some of these pictures of themselves online. Were they drunk? Did someone who hated them post it on their profile? Is it supposed to be a joke? Why would anyone of sound mind post pictures like these on their personal social networked site? For […]

Just some crazy Russian playgrounds, nothing else

Not only are Russians crazy, but their playgrounds are insane too. Where is the logic in such monstrosities? Imagine growing up playing on such things. Things make much more sense now, don’t they?                                             […]

An excavator, a pool of water and a bit of ingenuity

  It is often surprising what Russians will think of when they have the right equipment handy. Like this, for example. A group of Russians, an excavator and a large pool of water make for some hilarious entertainment. I am not sure what’s worse, seeing these idiots do this, or the fact that I would […]

Want to solve violence in schools, arm all the students with assault weapons!

  Not only do Russian schools give their students assault weapons, but it looks like they are practicing in class. Sure, probably not live rounds, more like pellets or something, but still … WTF is this teacher thinking? Shit, in the USA you get suspended for drawing a picture of a gun, I can’t imagine […]

Some more Russian cuties from the social net

Most Russian women are beautiful, but some could be beautiful if they just didn’t try so hard. There is a line that shouldn’t be crossed when it comes to makeup and these girls have all crossed it. Here is a small collection of some of Russia’s finest examples of what not to post on your social network […]

Just a Russian driving his truck, nothing to see here

    You must admit, Russians are an ingenious bunch.  It looks like the driver destroyed his truck somehow, but that didn’t stop him from delivering his goods. He found a nice helmet, and went back to work like nothing happened. How lucky he must be to have a working truck after a crash like […]

Another photo collection of things you can only find in Russia

Have you ever seen someone riding a bus while still on his motorcycle? How about someone driving their convertible with the top down in the middle of a snowstorm? Or what about someone cutting a watermelon with a chainsaw? If you live in Russia you probably saw at least two of those. Here is another […]

In Russia we make our own beaches!

    This Russian lady has the entire island to herself so she is relaxing on its white beach. It may be a little cold for those soft westerners, but for a Russian it looks like a scorcher. In Russia, people don’t believe in hypothermia. They just break the ice and go for a swim. […]

The 25 Best Only in Russia Photos

Its hard not to laugh at Russians. Every country has its crazies, but Russia seems to be full of them. From their interesting fashion, to their choice of tanning locations, Russians just don’t care about anything. This collection of 25 images are some of the best I could find. Which is your favorite?     […]

Russians are such gentlemen

Makes sense, the mirror wasn’t the one he was mad at. This seems like a regular occurrence in the Russian world. Why is everyone over there so violent? … and what’s with all the cameras? Now, for more great Russian hilarity, Reddit is awesome (especially r/ANormalDayInRussia). And if Reddit is too much, check out NotReadingIt. […]